Biofrost Relief – Pain Relief Cold Gel 175ml

Biofrost Pain Relief Gel is high performance cold gel. It is natural pain relief product which is based on Cold Therapy Treatment (Drug-Free). It is fast acting & long lasting solution to relieve from pain. Relief from Arthritis, Back-pain, Muscle soreness, Muscle pain, Joint stiffness and Chronic pain.

Optimal combination of menthol, eucalyptus and peppermint, reduces the surface temperature of the skin and provides soothing pain relief.

Natural pain relief with several uses

  • Soothing Relief From Arthritis
  • Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Neck-, Shoulder and Lower Back Pain
  • Strains, Sprains, Sport Injuries and Bruises
  • Muscle Exertion & Muscle Tension
  • Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Rheumatic Pain
  • Reduce Swelling
  • Alleviates Inflammation
  • Speed Up Muscle Recovery

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Reviews are based on same product but different size Biofrost 200ml Cold gel

reviews-5-starsReally! good! pain relief gel.
This is the best product I have used in the pain gel market beating all the big name manufactures in the high street shops. For many years I have struggled to keep scar tissue pain under control with other leading brands which never really calmed the pain down, But Biofrost is brilliant takes the pain right away and for many days before needing to apply again. I will not be buying the high street brands again after using Biofrost.
reviews-5-starsFast relief from pain.
I had a mastectomy 6th November and was in awful pain along my underarm to the point where I was shaking. Bought this and the relief is instant and amazing. It dries within seconds and it’s effect lasts for hours.Have just bought my second tube.
reviews-5-starsNumbs pain.
Seems to work, crippled with back pain at the golf. Apply before each round gets me through the 18 holes.
reviews-5-starsLotion that works.
First class lotion. eases back pain rapid.
reviews-4-starsOne of the best.
Only thing close to as good are some of hemp gels
Excellent product, works very well.
reviews-4-starsAmazing product.
This is amazing. My neck has been painful for months I used Biofrost and no pain. Had a good night's sleep and didn't wake up with a stiff neck.
reviews-5-starsCold feeling lasts for ages.
Great for aching back and knees....although would be handy to have an applicator on like some other pain gels. Does the job tho
reviews-5-starsGreat texture.
Love the coldness the texture the smell great product
reviews-5-starsReally works for me.
I use this for relief from my arthritis,which is in my neck and shoulders.I have already told friends how good this produce is.
reviews-5-starsGood Seller.
Bought for my dad who has arthritis, does give slight pain relief, easy to apply and nice smell
reviews-3-starsNice smelling but disappointing effect.
Product smells really fresh, it goes on easy and doesn't leave your skin stick afterwards. The burn sensation is very intense after only a few moment of applying the gel. Personally the gel didn't take away pain even after several applications.
reviews-5-starsVery cool effect.
Very fresh smell and found the “ cold effect” lasted for a long time ...felt some relief but still early days
One week down the road and my wife says it's an excellent product - it does what it says on the label.
reviews-5-starsPain relieve.
This stuff helped me so much. Time will tell.
I ordered a tube for my friend.
Thank you
reviews-5-starsCold feeling lasts for ages.
Great for aching back and knees....although would be handy to have an applicator on like some other pain gels. Does the job tho
reviews-5-starsReally works for me.
I use this for relief from my arthritis,which is in my neck and shoulders.I have already told friends how good this produce is.
reviews-5-starsDoes the job.
Love this
reviews-3-starsWorks ok but not brilliant
Works ok but not brilliant
reviews-5-starsWorks for pain.
Great for arthritic pain
reviews-5-starsComes very soon when ordered .
It’s very good for athriris
reviews-5-starsVery good and easy to use .
Fantastic stuff easys the pain very well
reviews-5-starsHelped my back pain.
Colder than other similiar products I have used. Helped my lower back pain. Definitely will buy this again.
reviews-1-starsDoes not work.
The only brand that is really cold is American Fast Freeze. None of the others except Tiger Balm White Ultra work for me. Please sell Fast Freeze in the UK Amazon
reviews-5-starsNew Product
I haven't started to use this product yet but when I do I am sure it will help to ease the pain of osteoarthritis I have.
Thank you. I will probably buy again if it is successful
reviews-5-starsDoes what it says on the tin 😉
Got for my mum and she loves it and her sis in law as well 👍
reviews-5-starsBest product.
Worked brilliant for arthritis pain
reviews-4-starsFour Stars
reviews-5-starsGreat product.
I love this product
reviews-4-starsGood relief for sore joints.
Very effective
reviews-5-starsPain relief
reviews-1-starsMessy with no relief.
Had no real relief with this product found it very sticky melted quickly just messy with no results
reviews-5-starsWorking and lasting pain relief effect!
The pain relieving cooling effect is long lasting and works great. I have used this mainly on back and neck aches from office work. I didn't understand that the packaging size was this big, I think it'll last a while with my use. The personal touch with the CEOs greetings in the package was nice.
reviews-4-starsFour Stars
arrived today and I can now move my left arm
reviews-5-starsCool Gel.
Brilliant product, works very well
reviews-3-starsWorks for people
May work for some people but not for me got trapped nerve in neck
reviews-4-starsVery effective , mind broken skin though
Compared with barox which is American and currently not available on amazon. Co. U.K. this gel takes its time in getting going . I would recommend take img prescribed pain relief also , as this will not completely address your pain , However once it does get going it’s cold sensation penetrates really well , unlike barox and polar frost gels it feels fresh and clean and the gel doesn’t leave a sticky residue .
If you have itching , cold applications are often excellent skin ( not on the face or mucous membranes ) but beware if you have scratched your skin and haven’t realised this will hurt like hell . So keep away from damaged skin . Even if you are unsure like if you have scratched your back Polar frost roll on is much better for this as it is gentler and doesn’t sting.
If barox is back on amazons for sale list , I probably won’t buy this again . But whilst it’s not I’ll take what’s available and this stronger cleaner version is after a short wait , very effective
reviews-5-starsgood pain releif.
It is working well relieves pain. happy and thanks.
reviews-5-starsExcellent for pain relief of muscle strains.
Excellent for pain relief of muscle strains.
Love this product. Very easy to use and effective pain relief on a rotator cuff injury.
reviews-5-starsVery effective product.
I bought this product for my elderly mother who has arthritis in the back.
This product has really helped to curb the pain
reviews-5-starsRelueves the ache and pain
Does exactly what it says snd you need
reviews-5-starsI am trying this product in place of another one.
Very quick on relieving pain the only thing i would say is the vapour of the product is a little overpowering.But it clears your head.(I shall be buying some more.)
reviews-5-starsGood Product
Does what it says on the tin Gives good pain relief
reviews-5-starsPain relief
Great product
reviews-5-starsEffective relief
Excellent product, It is a very effective pain reliever and I will continue to use Biofrost in future.
reviews-5-starsvery good pain relief
this product is good, it doesnt take the pain away completely but it does give you a break from it i recommend this
Pain went almost straight away.
reviews-5-starsCooling pain relief
I have just had a hip replacement and have been using the Biofrost to help reduce the swelling, bruising and heat around the wound. This has been a fantastic find as it is so much easier to deal with than ice if not at home. This has given relief very quickly and is eaasy to apply. A brilliant product, wish I had found it a long time ago.
reviews-1-starsIT DID NOT WORK FOR ME
For me with chronic arthritis of feet and cervical spine did nothing to ease my.pain

Would not buy again Wasted my money
reviews-5-starsCooling pain relief
I have just had a hip replacement and have been using the Biofrost to help reduce the swelling, bruising and heat around the wound. This has been a fantastic find as it is so much easier to deal with than ice if not at home. This has given relief very quickly and is eaasy to apply. A brilliant product, wish I had found it a long time ago.
I like the product very much, it is soothing, I think a palliative rather than a cure for my lower back pain, and I am now on my second tube. The only thing I don't like is that it suggests repearting application in 10 minutes which is not always convenient, but of course if the pain is really bad you will do anyuthing to get rid of it! Beautifully presented.
Very good product so far although I have only been using it a week but it seems to working well
reviews-5-starsexcellent product
very fast effect
reviews-5-starsDrug free gel, highly recommended.
For many years my wife has suffered severe arthritic pain in her neck and right shoulder leading to sleepless nights and daily pain. She has tried prescription drugs and, I think, every gel and cream on the market. I saw this on Amazon and thought, nothing tried nothing gained. Best thing I ever did, it is drug free so it does not compromise her other medications, it gives near immediate relief and kept in the fridge seems to work even better. Highly recommended
reviews-5-starsAlmost instant pain relief
.Excellent.I had a very painful bunion on the big toe of my right foot.
Application of the gel has stopped the pain and the swelling is going down.Iam very pleased with this product.

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reviews-5-starsGet for mother in law who swears by it , very quick delivery so all good 👍
reviews-5-starsWorks vary well and reasonably fast
reviews-5-starsExcellent fast delivery. Thank you.
reviews-5-starsGreat service , very prompt . Would buy from this seller again
reviews-5-starsJust what I wanted
reviews-5-starsVery prompt service. I have only been able to use the gel for 2 days but it seems really good and up to expectations. I like the fact that it is made of natural ingredients.
reviews-5-starslove it, does everything it says, and is perfect for aching muscles and joints after a hard workout , running,cycling,etc. Cant beat the cooling effect, and the strong menthol vapours will certainly keep the colds away
reviews-5-starsvery good for muscle and joint pain
reviews-4-starsI find its good for relief of my arthritis.
reviews-4-starsGood product but it wear off too quickly
reviews-3-starsUnfortunately for me it wasn't great. I have chronic arthritis so maybe for normal aches and pains it would be okay
reviews-5-starsgood buy
reviews-5-starsUse the bio frost use for knee it's brilliant no pain am happy with it and worth it
reviews-5-starsEverything all good.
reviews-4-starsIt is as they say it does help the pain and movement
reviews-5-starsArrived promptly. Just used once so far and the effects are good.
reviews-5-starsNo problems On time and as described
reviews-5-starscream was excellent,helped me to reduce the pain
reviews-5-starsim very pleased with the item I got thank you .
reviews-5-starsexcellent, does the job it says it will.value fir money and a good delivery.
reviews-5-starsYes it works im very pleased with the gel
reviews-5-starsFast and excellent product
reviews-5-starsWow can't believe how quickly this gel worked, tried lots over the years and I've finally found one that does as it says on the packet. I had relief within 10 mins of putting it on my shoulder and knee and it's drug free so another bonus 👍👍
reviews-5-starsArrived before date stated amazing stuff would highly recommended
reviews-5-starsVery impressed so far.
reviews-4-starsIt works ok
reviews-5-starsIt really does relieve the pain
reviews-5-starsExcellent alternative to ibuprofen based pain relief
reviews-5-starsHelped my thumb pain a lot.
reviews-5-starsI have severe arthritis in my hip and knees. Waiting a hip replacement. I put this on at night to help me get to sleep. It works well and I get to sleep fine? My husband has used it on his side (pulled muscle) and he says it really works well.
reviews-3-starsIt seems to be doing a little bit better
reviews-5-starsDefinitely will use seller again product Was as described
reviews-4-starsHappy with service and product thank-you
reviews-5-starsVery good product and very strong as it helps the pains
reviews-5-starsDescription just as it says thank you
reviews-5-starsCooling effect pain relief
reviews-5-starsArrived earlier well packaged and does what it says
reviews-5-starsExcellent Service Many Thanks.
reviews-5-starshave used this cream for 5 days and find it easy to absorb and I feel my shoulders a good bit easier
reviews-5-starsGood seller
reviews-5-starsVery pleased with this gel and the relief it provides
reviews-5-starsBought this product for my best friend as he had terrible pains in his leg,he said after applying this it has been such a huge help with his pains 🙂 Great stuff highly recommend
reviews-5-starsSeems to be working.
reviews-5-starsA very god product it is just what I needed.



Fast acting and long lasting analgesic Pain Relief Cold Gel – Cooling Relief from Arthritis, back pain, muscle cramps, muscle & joint pain. Cold gel provides quick and effective pain relief.

Active ingredients are ETHANOL, MENTHOL, EUCALYPTUS, PEPPERMINT and MSM. This optimal combination of ingredients relieves pain.


Biofrost Pain Relief Cold Gel is natural pain relief product which is based on Drug-Free Cold Therapy treatment. It is manufactured from natural ingredients and it is safe to use.


Cold Gel is commonly used in sports it decreases the pain sensation and muscle soreness following from physical exercise and exertion, improves strength and speed up the muscle recovery. Ethanol and Menthol improves the endurance of exercise by improving the oxygen intake and reducingthe production of lactic acid of the muscle.


Soothing Relief from Arthritis, Neck-, Shoulder and Lower Back Pain, Muscle Exertion & Muscle Tension, Headache, Muscle related pains, Chronic pain, Nerve pains, Rheumatic Pain, Strains, Sprains, Sport Injuries and Bruises Recovery after physical exercise.


We believe we can help people who suffer from pain by producing effective, high performance cold therapy products. Our vision is to work hard every day to find the best formulations and products for quick and efficient pain relief. Here is more information about Cold Therapy treatment.