Biofrost™ working philosophy

Biofrost team is the company’s greatest asset in helping us achieve our goal of relieving people’s pain. Passion, spirit and hard work are the fuel that drives us forward. For us, one of our most important aims is earning the trust and respect of our customers by making products that works.

Effecient Drug-Free Cold Therapy Products

Since long before the evolution of modern medicine, northern people have used cold therapy for medicinal purposes. And, many of the products on the market today are based on such ancient knowledge and experience.

At Biofrost™, we combine this ancient knowledge with modern research and product development as we strive to maintain the highest possible standards of quality. This means that when you use Biofrost™ products, you will have the comfort of knowing they are safe and backed by generations of experience.

Quality and safety standards

Given our dedication to quality and safety, we are proud to stand behind what we make. We promise that all our products are produced with the best, safest and highest quality raw materials, which ensures effectiveness, perfect functionality and the most rigorous safety standards.

European Union’s rules and regulations

We manufacture all our products in Finland following the European Union’s regulations. They are classified as healthcare products and have the CE mark, which indicates they comply with the European Union’s statutory directives. We only buy from large and credible suppliers who also follow all the strict rules and regulations.

Environmentally conscious products

We take environmental responsibility seriously, and we continuously minimize our impact on the environment.
Manufacturing factories in Finland have committed to environmental targets to reduce the use of electricity and lower the scrap rate.



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